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#MatchNotFound is a bold romantic story for the Youtube generation and perhaps the world’s first entirely Skype set sitcom! Online British romantic comedy series #MNF has struck a chord with it’s audience, clocking up over two million views globally. The show follows the story of luckless in love Kat played by Katie Sheridan who is on an eventful quest for the right man. The series starts with her recovering from an unexpected break up and best friends Janna (Kirsty J Curtis) and Doug (Connor Mills) are on call to help. However as the trio hurtle from one dating disaster to the next it’s clear this group of friends are no experts in matters of the heart. Two new episodes coming soon, starring Katie Sheridan, Connor Mills, Kirsty J Curtis, Nicholas Clarke and Lilly Driscoll. Also starring Simon Pothecary, Oliver Malam. With the participation of Scampi. .

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Katie Sheridan is a face you may already be familiar with. She starred in the Nickelodeon family comedy series ‘Genie In The House’, has appeared in some major commercials including Oral B, McDonalds and Virgin, and has worked on some exciting feature films including Paul Hyett’s latest Horror ‘Heretiks’. Sheridan, from Berkshire, co wrote and co produced the series with close friend, up and coming writer Alex Oates from Newcastle. His first professional job was writing the first episode of BBC’S Eastender’s E20. Alex commented: ‘E20 won a Webby, which is the web equivalent of the Oscars, I saw then the potential of the format to build a personal connection with viewers, it’s really exciting that 7 years later it feels like webseries are finally taking off and we want to be a part of it’.



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